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Why Awakening Houses?

Awakening House Churches are answering the cry of people who want to experience a genuine encounter with God—and relational fellowship—without the religious restrictions of a traditional Sunday service. 

The Holy Spirit spoke to me about a Book of Acts house church movement where people of all ages and races come together to minister to the Lord—and to each other. 

Awakening House Churches are safe places for the unchurched and growth places for believers who want to learn and grow in their walk with God.

House churches are not a new idea—they are a God idea. Small is the new big—and you can be part of the movement with Awakening House Churches.

Do I have to preach a message to lead a house church?

You can but you don’t have to. You can listen to the weekly Awakening House of Prayer weekly messages online, joining the worship and having ministry time and fellowship in your house church.

What do you require of house church leaders?

Awakening Houses should meet at least monthly at launch, with the goal of meeting weekly. You do not necessarily need to meet on a Sunday. You could meet on a Saturday night and you can meet more than once in a week.

You don’t need to meet in a house. You can meet in an office building, in a park, or anywhere you can find a place to welcome in the presence of God.

We are looking or house church leaders who offer a welcoming place for everyone, including the un-churched, or those who have left the institutionalized church with hurts and wounds or otherwise bad experiences.

Does the movement help me connect with people in my city?

Awakening House Church offers you a personal e-mail address for your privacy. We have a mapping system where people can contact us and we can send you their contact information. You can choose whether or not you think they are a good fit for your Awakening House Church.

Does the movement encourage body ministry?

We encourage you to have a time for people to share what they hear the Lord saying or to discuss/ask questions about the message. That timing should be set by the leader. People may be allowed to move in the gifts of the Spirit, for example, during worship or after the message, at your disrection.

Does the movement have a mobile app and other communication avenues?

Yes, Awakening House of Prayer has an app. We also have a private Facebook group for leadership and our site is translated into every major language.

The Story Behind the

Awakening House Church Movement

We long to see the miracles, signs and wonders we read about in the Book of Acts. But many church models don’t make room for Spirit-led worship, intimate discipleship or body ministry—which gives all members a chance to exercise their gift as the Holy Ghost wills. While we believe in traditional churches—and operate one—we also believe there is a deep hunger and desperate need for house churches to rise up in this hour. The Lord has put it on Jennifer’s heart to facilitate a house church movement where all things are done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40).

The Movement – Awakening House Mission

Awakening House Churches are welcoming places for both the un-churched, or those who have left the institutionalized church with hurts and wounds or otherwise bad experiences. They are “Safe Houses” where people of all ages and races come together to minister to the Lord and each other.

The Movement – Awakening House’s Vision

Awakening House Churches equip people to live a victorious life in Christ and impact the world around them for His glory. Awakening House Churches offer the foundational elements of any church, including prayer, praise and worship, a focus on teaching the Word, personal ministry time, and fellowship, communion, and giving.

Jennifer LeClaire

Jennifer LeClaire


Jennifer LeClaire is an internationally recognized author, best-selling author, prayer movement leader, and conference speaker. She carries a prophetic voice that inspires and challenges believers to pursue intimacy with God, cultivate their spiritual gifts and walk in the fullness of what God has called them to do. Jennifer is contending for awakening in the nations through intercession and spiritual warfare, strong apostolic preaching and practical prophetic teaching that equips the saints for the work of the ministry.

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The Awakening House Church Movement is co-laboring with passionate believers to establish a global family of saints who seek the Lord together, pray and worship together, study the Word together, exercise the gifts of the Spirit together, fellowship together—and do life together.

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